Age of Wonders


It’s remarkable to me that a video of this quality was shot with something that I carry around in my pocket every day. The tools for good media creation are easily accessible, and I think youth ministers can and should be using them more often than we are. Next week, I’ll be doing a new Tech in Ministry post that explores video production for someone who doesn’t have access to anything more than a smartphone and/or tablet.


Jesus is Better Than The Superbowl via


I’ve been a 49ers fan since I was old enough to know what a football was, but I’ll tell you right now that I have much love for these guys and the message they professed.

via The Resurgence

To Be Loved and To Love In Return


Like many, I have seen this video a number of times. It’s heartbreaking, triumphant, and beautiful. What a beautiful story that is being told. Imagine the empathy these children will learn, and the change they might make in the world because they have known the love of a father.

Paul tells us in Ephesians 4 that there is a marked difference in the qualities of a worldly person and a Christian person, but in Epeshians 5 he makes it clear why this difference exists:

Therefore, let us be imitators of our God, as children who are dearly loved

-Ephesians 5:1

Christians don’t do good because we are inherently better. We were just like the world. We are guilty of the same greed, selfishness, and hardness as anyone else. The only difference is that we’ve been given an example of what real love looks like, and in our reciprocation of that, we live like the Father.

Parents Are Crazy


I absolutely love this video (and I’ve been sitting on it for a few weeks just incase that opinion changed). Yes, I know it’s a commercial. Yes, I know it’s for a soft drink. Yes, I know it’s supposed to play on my emotions as a father. Yes, I am strangely intrigued by the green label and “Coca Cola Life” bit. Setting all of that aside, though…

I love being a dad. My kids are messy, noisy, and absolutely needy in almost every way. And they’re the most awesome people I know. My wife and I could have easily told you this when we only had one child, but we were still thrilled to know that our second was on the way. My son is going to be five in eight days. My daughter will be two in twenty days. I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world.

Having kids makes you crazy. All of the fun stuff you enjoyed before is still nice, but all of the things you valued before become diminished in comparison to the crazy joy that ragouts introduce.

This video gets that. I mean, yeah, I was pretty cool before I had kids. My clothes were generally stain free, I had collections of cool things, and my house was clean and well furnished. But I wouldn’t take any of that back if it meant giving up even a part of my messy, noisy, needy blessings. Nothing beats coming home, stepping on a lego, being tackled at the knees, and having brutal tickle fights with my kiddos!