Tech In Ministry: Accountability (aka: The Porn Talk)

Tech in Ministry is a series about putting digital tools to use in the Church. 

The Problem

According to statistics from, one out of two boys under the age of 13 have been exposed to pornography; 30% of 17-year-olds admit to having watched pornography “too often to count”; 62% of girls says that they have been exposed to pornography before the age of 17. If pornography were the flu, these numbers would be considered epidemic level. Continue reading


Tech In Ministry: Presenting On A Budget

One of my goals as a blogger is to share the things I’ve discovered and am discovering in my ministry. Something that I’ve become particularly passionate about is utilizing technology in ministry. We all know that technology can occasionally be a hinderance rather than a help, but when it’s used well and put in the right hands, technology can be a tremendous blessing. Tech In Ministry will explore how.

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