Do Less Stuff

Had the chance to read a great article that talks about doing less and enjoying it more. I especially like this bit:

“Look me in the face at my serious eyes: This is not your season to do all the things, some of the things, or most of the things. It is your season to do A Thing. I tell you that not to be a downer but to let you know that you will slay the crazies in your mind and the guilt that you feel when you flip your lid if you will pick ONE thing per morning. ONE thing for the afternoon. And rejoice if everyone is still alive at the end of the day.”

Wouldn’t we all be better off if we did one thing well instead of ten things poorly. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be well rounded, interesting, multi-faceted people, but when we try to express those many facets all at once what usually comes across is a jumbled mess of a person.

You were created in God’s image. The Bible describes a God who was patient in the task of creating, focusing on one aspect of creation for an entire day. When Jesus was with people, he wasn’t also busy tole painting, cooking this great recipe he found, and knitting a dozen scarves for the Apostles. Slow down, be with people when you’re with them. Enjoy creating and give it your full attention when that’s what your doing. Don’t feel so rushed to provide everyone with a great experience that you stress out. Above all:

Always choose the relationship with your kids over the Advent activity that makes you scream. Always choose the Simple over the Pinnable.


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