I’m happy to finally be re-launching Real Light! A little over three years ago, I started blogging on Posterous. It was a positive experience right up until it was sold and closed. Real Light was a place for me to put thoughts that I was kicking around; ideas I was having.

When things weren’t fully formed, Real Light was a place where I could turn and work through stuff. It made me think long and hard about what I was writing, and why I was writing it. Not because anyone read it, but because anyone could read it. The new Real Light will be a little more focused. It’s going to be a bit more theological, and a lot more about youth ministry.

There are a million youth ministry blogs out there, and many of them are great. I’m not going to try and replicate what anyone else is doing, though I’m sure I’ll often stumble over something someone else has done brilliantly and do it half as well. That will give me a chance to link to someone who has done it better when I find them. In any case, this is a place for me. If it’s helpful for you, blesses you, or makes you think don’t be afraid to share that. If you find yourself angry over something I’ve said, lets talk about it. If you think everything I say is brilliant, please seek help!

Content is coming. Over the next few days, I’ll be building up a routine, and sharing some personal writing I’ve done over the last year. For today I’m just glad to be back.


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